Friday, November 11, 2011

MyComputerCareer Now Accredited by ACCET

September 1, 2011, Raleigh, Dallas, Houston - has recently been accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. ACCET is one of a handful of national accrediting bodies recognized by the US Department of Education.

The faculty and Administrators at MyComputerCareer have had accreditation as a goal since the day they opened their doors. The passing of this milestone is yet another signal that MyComputerCareer is rapidly emerging as the premier IT certification school in the Raleigh, Dallas, and Houston markets.

Standards of accreditation for private schools such as MyComputerCareer are much higher than for public colleges and universities--especially as it relates to completion or graduation rates and job placement. That's why many such schools remain unaccredited for years; and many never qualify.

While nothing can guarantee any given student ultimate success (since so much of success is up to individual effort), accreditation is a good indicator that the school meets high academic and operational standards and has produced successful outcomes for the vast majority of its students. No true "scam" could ever achieve and maintain the required performance levels for accreditation--and remain a scam!

For more information about MyComputerCareer's ACCET Accreditation, click here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, YES We Did! IT Jobs for Career Changers

Bloggers and others commenting on IT forums and elsewhere occasionally criticize for being a "certification mill" or scam. They argue that certifications are unnecessary in IT, or that you can get them online, from books, or without going to school. And, they say, 'certifications are overrated. What you really need is experience.'

For the career changer, this offers little hope. If you have no experience, where will you get it? If you want to get certifications on your own, which ones should you pursue and how will you get them? How long will it take? What will it cost? And what good will it do if on-the-job experience is still required to break in?

Tough questions! But are these nay-sayers--most of whom never heard of MyComputerCareer before reading an anonymous post--are they correct? is successful because we've solved ALL these problems.
1. We know which certifications are in highest demand.
2. We help students develop the broadest, most marketable skill set in the shortest possible time.
3. We provide experiential learning in the classroom.
4. We know which employers will hire for what positions--even without a long resume.
5. We have established relationships with direct employers and staffing firms who trust in the quality of our students, bridging the experience gap.
6. We teach our students how to find and GET jobs, even when competing against more experienced pros.

The proof is in the eating of the IT employment pudding! over 70% of our graduates will have landed IT jobs within just a few months of completing their training. That exceeds the minimum standards for accredited private, for-profit colleges and career schools and it blows the doors off just about any public college or university you can name. It's doubtful that anyone is keeping stats on the fully independent home-study crowd, but it would be surprising if the success rate among these would-be career changers exceeds single digits. And if you impose even a one-year time limit on their learning (our grads finish in about 6 months) and require 8 certifications through the Network Administration level, the success rate is probably nil.

Here are just a couple more recent examples from one of our Career Services Directors at MyComputerCareer:

David S. landed over at IBM just 2 months into the (MyComputerCareer) program – he was formerly a bus boy for an Olive Garden. He walked into campus at around 6:10 on Monday evening smiling from ear to ear – “Thank you so much,” he said. “My Grandfather actually told me he was proud of me.” This is the first step of big things to come.

Two weeks into the process (of looking for a job), Jess N came to me frustrated, telling me he was getting calls but wasn’t moving forward with anything. His reason: lack of experience. He had come from an automotive mechanic background, and his thought was, 'if I don’t have the experience, I won’t be considered for the position.' I told him – they have your resume and know what skills you bring to the table. Why would they be calling if they didn’t have interest?? After that, Jess's attitude changed.

The following Monday, I got his resume over to one of my contacts with The Select Group, for a position that they were working on. They immediately fell in love with Jess’s attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to be successful and promptly submitted him to another client – Quintiles – where Jess interviewed and got the job. Without his positive approach, Jess would have never even gotten an opportunity to move forward. I am really excited for Jess!!!

Only YOU can decided whether the opportunity can create for you is worth the investment. For David and Jess and countless others, the answer is obvious.

For more success stories and answers to common questions or concerns about, certification training, and the value of our programs, visit our official blog.

To take the next step toward your new IT career, Take our FREE Career Evaluation.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Now Offering WIA Funding has recently been approved both in Texas and North Carolina as a preferred career training vendor for people qualified under the Workforce Investment Act. This means funds are available to cover tuition for unemployed persons at both the Dallas and in Raleigh campuses. This federal/state funding is tantamount to an official state endorsement of the instutution. No scam would qualify for such funding.

Currently, Texas appears to offer a higher level of funding than North Carolina, as NC is attempting to serve more people although at a lower dollar amount each. Full tuition is available for qualified students for the I.T. ProBasic Career Starter Program in Dallas. MyComputerCareer is still exploring options in NC.

There are several programs that may afford disadvantaged persons in either market, opportunities to go to school at They include a youth program, programs for the disabled, and the retraining program for worker's whose jobs have been outsourced (i.e. sent overseas), TAA.

Anyone considering going back to school specifically for IT certification training, should contact and ask for information about WIA and other public funding options. To do so, call MyComputerCareer directly at 866.606.6922 (MyCC) or take the FREE Career Evaluation at MyCC and an Associate Admissions Director will contact you.

Does this sound like a scam to you...? Partners with University of Phoenix in Raleigh
Training and certifications earned at (MyCC) can now be converted to college credit towards a computer science degree at the University of Phoenix. Students who want to add a "sheepskin" from an accredited university to their resume will save substantial amounts of time and money through this new alliance. In accepting the "clock hours" of MyCC certification training towards a degree program, the University of Phoenix acknowledges both the students' investment in their education and the outstanding quality of MyCC's training and faculty. The University of Phoenix is known nationwide for its excellent post-secondary educational programs for working adults. Disreputable programs from a technical institute of any kind would not receive this recognition from a prestigious partner like the University of Phoenix.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Experience Wanted - Is Certification Enough?

Best Practices in hiring suggest that when posting a job description for recruitment, the company should describe the IDEAL candidate. In most cases, an employer would love to hire someone who has extensive experience doing the exact job he's hiring for. But the employer is essentialy buying an employee and that purchasing decision, like any other, is going to be the result of the best available balance between features and benefits vs. cost. This equation is far more flexible and mercurial than a rigid list of requirements might suggest.

Think about it: If on-the-job experience were an intractible requirement for all I.T. positions, the way some of our critics make it sound, tens of thousands of computer science graduates would pour out of colleges and universities every year utterly unable to get a toe-hold in the industry; to say nothing of the countless thousands coming from technical schools like ours. The unemployment lines would be swelling with hapless I.T. head-scratchers wondering how they could ever have made such a foolish educational choice.

But such is not the case. In fact, USA Today recently reported ("Pushed by Recession" 7/31/09)that despite the recession, the I.T. industry is creating at least twice as many jobs as there are qualified people to fill them. Certainly our own experience bears this out. Students who perform well in the classroom, who work hard, gain their certifications (guaranteed by MyCC), and follow the advice of their instructors and Career Services Advisors can, do, and will get hired consistently--despite their lack of on-the-job experience. In fact, MyCC students often get hired ahead of graduates from other programs and even before some candidates with previous work experience.

How can this be? Reality. As in any industry, there ARE entry level positions. In I.T. these may include help desk or telephone support reps, etc. As much as employers might like to fill these positions with seasoned experts, they often can't do so affordably. So they make compromises on some requirements (i.e. experience) in order to meet others (i.e. cost). Certifications are the key to landing entry level positions with excellent growth potential because employers know that certified professionals have the knowledge and skills they'll need down the road. Testimonials

Because works aggressively with the recruitment and corporate community to understand their needs and to identify open positions our students can fill, MyCC students enjoy preferential treatment by some recruitment firms and direct employers. Further, employers can hire MyCC students and graduates directly at a substantially lower cost than they could through a conventional placement firm.

Are these entry level jobs "destination" positions? Of course not. At least not for our students. But they are necessary stepping stones to the career for which you have been prepared. With 6 to 12 months of experience on the job combined with the certifications you have received, you are perfectly positioned to land those mid to upper 5-figure positions.

Friday, September 11, 2009 is NO SCAM (MyCC) is a legitimate, licensed (NC, TX) professional computer training school fully authorized to conduct certification training and testing on behalf of Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA. Our tuition rates are fair and competitive and the value students receive when compared with alternative training systems is unsurpassed in the industry. MyCC enjoys an outstanding reputation with the media, government agencies, financial institutions, area employers, and recruitment firms; all of which serve the best interests of our students. In no sense can be considered a scam.

In a world of fallible humans, however, it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time. Mistakes occasionally occur and individuals may become dissatisfied. In EVERY such case, (and they are comparativley rare) we have done and will do everything in our power to satisfy the student and fulfill our obligations as well as their expectations. We welcome constructive criticism and opportunities to improve.

Not a forum for debate, this blog seeks only to provide accurate answeres to legitimate questions or concerns about our progams and certification training. Those evaluating as a potential fast-track to a well-paying I.T. career will find this information extremely valuable. is not the solution for everyone but it definitely is for some--particularly the career changer.

The management and staff of are committed to the success of each student. In fact, we measure our performance and even reward our team members based on how well we help students pass exams, receive certifications, and get jobs!

Thanks for your sincere, open, and thorough evaluation.

Career Success!